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St. Michael's Church

Parish Priest: Fr Marc Lyden-Smith (In residence at St. Mary Magdalen’s, Seaham: Telephone (0191) -5812368 or email sunderlandpriest@outlook.com
Retired Priest in residence at St. Michael’s: Fr Bill O’Gorman
Parish Deacon: Rev. Richard McLaughlin
For all enquires for both churches, please contact the Parish Secretary, Pat Dawson, on (0191) -5842142 and St.Michael’s email: st.michaels@sky.com

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Surprising yields ahead:

Many have been glad to shake off the past year with ‘good riddance’. We’re quick to write off difficult situations as sinkholes of our personal efforts, with nothing to show for our suffering. Every plague, war, and famine throughout history has caused its multitude of lost lives, endless grief, and economic devastation. Yet Jesus promises us that underneath the soil of human experience, the kingdom of God is always at work, pushing new life and fresh hope into existence. Many are working hard right this moment to promote a new vision for humanity. Commit to the new seed of the Kingdom coming.

As restrictions begin to ease, please note that we can now accommodate larger numbers for funerals. The same amount of people that attend Sunday Mass can now attend funerals. Baptisms can now have 30 guests and the same is true for weddings. Hopefully, we will remain on course for the lifting of all restrictions on June 21st. Until then we remember: Hands, Face, Space and Pray.

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Watch Online... 

Fr. Marc live streams Mass from St. Mary Magdalene in SeahamSUNDAY'S at 9.30am on Facebook.

It will then be available to view here, shortly afterwards (click the link below) and on  Youtube too with previous Masses, see below and subscribe to Fr. Marc's channel :

Masses this week

Regular Mass services:

Weekend Masses 

Saturday Vigil Mass at 6pm
Sunday morning Mass at 11am

Weekday Masses

Friday 10 am Morning

Prayer and reflection

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: 30 min's before Mass
Private prayer and reflection: each Tuesday from 10.30am-12.30 3xcept for this week to make way for a Nuptial Mass.

General information 

COVID-19- restricted Mases, Further information.

Weddings, funerals and religious, belief-based or commemorative events linked to someone’s death are all subject to limits on the numbers that can attend, and weddings and civil ceremonies may only take place in exceptional circumstances.

Face coverings must be worn in places of worship, unless you are exempt. This is now law.

Our  Diocese

Bishop Robert continues to provide updates regarding the re-opening of our churches which can be seen on the Diocesan Website www.rcdhn.org.uk

St Mary's Cathedral in Newcastle are continuing with live streaming Masses.

Normal Sunday Mass is at 11:30am and every Weekday Mass at 12.05 pm.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle YOUTUBE 

Our Partnership

A partnership is a group of parishes agreeing to work together to share resources, both human and material, to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God. They offer our Diocese unlimited potential as we seek to ensure viable and flourishing communities of people who want to deepen their commitment to Jesus and witness to him in our world. 

St Michael's will become part of the Partnership of St Mary the Virgin, joining parishes in Seaham, Murton, Thornley, Peterlee, Horden and Hutton House, Blackhall.

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Location and contacts 


Use this handy map to find us or the details below to contact us for more information about our Parish.

St. Michael's Catholic Church
Durham Road
Tyne and Wear

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