Please see the Church Bulletin and Porch notice boards
for further notices of events and dedications in our parish.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS: is celebrated next weekend. There will be a special collection at all Masses for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Thank you!

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: (Confession) will not be available this week.

meeting room between the end of Mass and 6pm. Please add your name to the list
in the Church porch to ensure there is always someone in attendance. Our intentions
include World Peace, Persecuted Christians, Asylum Seekers and Refugees, the Renewal
of our Parishes of St Michael’s and St Mary’s within the partnership of St Benedict's and
Personal intentions.

SCRIPTURE SHARING: continues on Wednesday evening in the Parish Centre at 7.00pm.

PIE & PEA SUPPER: on Saturday, 5th May (7:30pm - 10:30pm) in the Parish Centre.
Entertainment provided by singer, Sue Cassidy. Tickets @ £6 each will be on sale after
Masses weeks ending 7th/8th April & 28th/29th April, or contact Anne Wilson (5842042) . Bring your own drinks. Any raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated.

alongside the Northern Dioceses and religious orders to organise events celebrating the Word of God – one in the north-east, the other in the north-west. The event closest to our own diocese is to be held on Saturday 12th May at All Saints School, York (5 minutes from the railway station). It is open to all but might be of special appeal to clergy, school and university chaplains Readers and students (6th form and above). More information on the poster or from Kathryn Turner (

LOAVES & FISHES: there will be a special collection at St. Mary’s, Easington Lane this weekend in support of the local foodbank. Thank you for your support!

Daily Prayer This Week
This can be a very good week to grow in a sense of and practice with the notion of being a "contemplative in the midst of action." We have practically a whole week of gospels about Jesus' gift of himself to us as the "Bread of Life." This gives us the opportunity to let that mystery be in the background of our consciousness every day this week, as we go about our everyday tasks. What makes it "contemplative” is that we will be asking for graces each morning, and we will let our desires and our activities interact. We can begin reflecting
upon how often we “work for food that perishes.” The pay-off, the success, the
accomplishment, the reward we receive for what we do is often quite passing and
unsatisfying. It would be important to be able to sense anything that appears to be food that doesn't last and name it as such this week. The real food, the life-giving nourishment that our Lord offers us is himself. If we can't celebrate the Eucharist daily this week, we can make what we used to call a “spiritual communion” simply by opening our hearts and desiring to receive our Lord, so that he remains in us and we remain in him. We can
practice consciously choosing union with Jesus, our Risen Lord and only Saviour, and
experiencing how that would affect the choices we need to make throughout our day. If we begin each day, asking for the grace of this union, and renew the desire at brief moments we have at various times in the day, our focus and attention begins to change. We will
experience a peace and a gifted lack of hunger and thirst for so many of the things that draw us away from him, from loving, from mercy, from consciousness on those in need. If the background focus of each day this week is to desire to be fed by a closeness with my Lord, it doesn't matter how busy I am, or how many conflicts I have to face or what
suffering I or my loved ones must endure. His flesh and blood are real food and drink
because they are the real sacrifice that takes away the power of sin and death itself. United with his surrender to the Father, we are set free from whatever can take away the life he gained for us. For this gift, for this faith, we can give thanks for every night, as we review our union with our Lord each night.

PRACTICAL STEPS FOR PARISHES AND PARTNERSHIPS: A conference will take place on Saturday 12th May at St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Hebburn
to help parishes and partnerships engage with young people in their
communities. The keynote speaker is Fr Dominic Howarth, responsible for Youth Services in Brentwood Diocese, and the programme includes 12
workshops. The conference is for everyone who is concerned about our young people and will offer inspiring examples of good practice. The conference fee is £10 which includes lunch. Further details are in the booking forms available in parishes, downloadable from or contact

or those interested in becoming Catechists, will take place this year at the Youth Ministry
Conference on Saturday, 12th May 2018 at St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Hebburn. Details on the booking form.

St. Michael’s Cleaning — Group 6 T Smith, J Greenwood, A Wilson & D Smith