Please see the Church Bulletin and Porch notice boards
for further notices of events and dedications in our parish.

EXPOSITION & ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: will be no exposition during the holidays.

at present, the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available by appointment only. Thank you.

JOURNEY OF FAITH: begins in September. This programme is open to everyone, providing non-Catholics with an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith and Catholics the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their faith. The meetings will be held in the Parish Centre at 7.00pm, beginning with refreshments at 6.45pm. Could anyone interested please add their name to the list in the Church porch or, should you need further information about the programme, please arrange to speak to Fr. Bill (5842142) or Denise Willis (4153013).

200 CLUB: July winners - 1st 93 (L & L Flynn ) 2nd 157 (E Sharp) 3rd 179 (M Brennan)

St. Michael’s Cleaning Group 2 : P Gardiner, M McGowan, C Rennie & M Keniry

Daily Prayer This Week
This week we can ask, in the variety of ways, in the situations of our daily lives, that our eyes might be opened to see Jesus as he really is - glorified, with the Father, and ready to renew our faith and trust in him.

As we begin our day, and at brief times throughout our day, we can pull our
consciousness together by letting the themes of this week's reading guide us.
One day, we might ask to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we go through a day full of strong wind and waves. We can ask again and again, as things get tougher and more challenging. Another day, we might focus on what comes out of our mouths. Is there cynicism, judgments, distortions of the truth, divisive and self-serving manipulation, yelling and hurtful put-downs? How do I practice using my voice to give praise to God by affirming others, forgiving them, by telling the truth, by defending the poor and the voiceless, by giving God thanks?

Another day, I might be conscious of those I regard as “dogs,” those I disdain or think of as “the enemy.” I might ask for the grace to open my heart to whatever faith in God they have, however different from mine. I might ask for a sense of solidarity with them, not because it is my desire or inclination, but because it is God's desire for me. How can I heal and reconcile, at least in my heart, what needs healing: racism, sexism,
anti-Semitism, anti-Muslimism, fear and hatred of foreigners, hostility against the poor or my harsh judgments about “sinners.”

Later in the week, we can get in touch with the call of Jesus to deny ourselves. This
is not self-denial for its own sake. This is the dying to self that comes from loving in the self-sacrificing way that Jesus did. Who in my family, friends, relative, co-workers, members of my parish or congregation needs my self-denying love? How have I focused on “gaining the world” and lost some of my true self in the process? Is there some way this week that I can taste discovering my true self in giving some time, some
compassion, some love, some special care to someone who needs this from me?

And throughout the week, perhaps at a special time of powerlessness or some time when I feel that I don't have the energy or gifts to do the “more,” to move a mountain,
I can ask for faith the size of a mustard seed. And, each night I can give thanks to God for being generous to me all week, for this simple focus on our relationship every day.