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The 14th Sunday of the Year
8th July 2018


First Ezekiel 2:2-5
The sons are defiant and obstinate and they shall know that there is a prophet among them.

Psalm 122
Our eyes are on the Lord till he show us his mercy.

Second 2 Corinthians 12:7-10
I shall be very happy to make my weaknesses my special boast so that the power of Christ may stay over me.

Gospel Mark 6:1-6
A prophet is only despised in his own country.

Background on the Gospel Reading
This Gospel immediately follows upon last week’s stories of the raising of Jairus’s daughter and the healing of the woman with a hemorrhage. It sets the context of our Gospel readings for the next two weeks in which Jesus will extend the work of his ministry to his disciples.
Today’s Gospel describes what many believe to have been the typical pattern of Jesus’ ministry: teaching in the synagogue followed by acts of healing. In his hometown of Nazareth, the people are amazed by what they hear, but they also cannot comprehend how someone they know so well might move them so powerfully.
In this Gospel, we learn some interesting details about Jesus and his early life. Jesus’ kinfolk know him to be a carpenter, an artisan who works in wood, stone, and metal. He probably learned this trade from his father. Family members of Jesus are also named. Mark describes Jesus as the son of Mary, which is an unusual designation. Adult males were more typically identified with the name of their fathers. It is unclear why Mark deviates from this custom.
Brothers and sisters of Jesus are also named. Scholars are divided on how to interpret this. As Catholics, we believe that Mary was and remained always a virgin, thus we do not believe that this Gospel refers to other children of Mary. Some have suggested that these family members might be Joseph’s children from a previous marriage, but there is little evidence to support this. Others explain this reference by noting that the words brother and sister were often used to refer to other types of relatives, including cousins, nieces, and nephews.
This Gospel tells us that Jesus is hampered from performing miracles in Nazareth because of the people’s lack of faith. Jesus is said to be surprised by this. He did not predict or foresee this rejection. In this detail we find a description of the very human side of Jesus.
This passage unfolds a continuing theme of Mark’s Gospel: Who is Jesus? His kinfolk in Nazareth might know the carpenter, the son of Mary, but they do not know Jesus, the Son of God. Mark is foreshadowing Jesus’ rejection by his own people, the people of Israel. He is also reflecting on and trying to explain the situation of the community for which he wrote. While many of the first Christians were Jewish, Christianity took hold and flourished in the Gentile community. Mark’s community was mostly a Gentile community, who may have been experiencing persecution. By showing that Jesus himself was rejected, Mark consoles and reassures his first readers. He also prepares us to accept this possible consequence of Christian discipleship.

Mass Intentions and Ministries

This information is updated from the bulletin.
PLEASE check with the church directly for up to date times of masses.

Saturday 7th July

Refreshments served after
Vigil Mass at St. Michael’s
by L Poole & friends

6.30pm Private Intention
R &BP: Group F
SM: Group 5F1
Servers: T Higgins & O Smith
M Thompson

Sunday 8th July


Refreshments served after
Morning Mass by McLean family

10.00am Parishioners
R & BP: Group F
SM: Group 5 F1
Servers: J & E Marston
O Laws & L Burrell
J Donaldson & K Smail

1.30pm Baptism of
Everleigh Grace Appleby

Monday 9th July
St Augustine Zhao Rong
& Companions

9.30am John Madison

Tuesday 10th July

7.00pm Pat Keniry

Wednesday 11th July
St Benedict

7.00pm Partnership Mass
Ongoing success of the
Thursday 12th July
9.30am Private Intention

Friday 13th July
St Henry

9.30am Liturgy of the Word
& Holy Communion Service

Saturday 14th July

Refreshments served after
Vigil Mass at St. Michael’s
by L Poole & friends

6.30pm Alan Winship
R &BP: Group G
SM: Group 6 G1
Servers: T Higgins & O Smith
M Thompson

Sunday 15th July

Refreshments served after
Morning Mass by E Scott & S Walker

10.00am Parishioners
R & BP: Group G
SM: Group 6 G1
Servers: P & A Turnbull
A Walker & M Nugent

Day Reader Ministers
MON N Finnigan Mgt Brennan
T Finnigan
TUES M Lockie R Sharp
A Burns
WED Priest Priests
I Willis
J Wotton
F Wotton
FRI J Doyle
M Hearn
P Kennedy


St. Michael's One hour before weekday Mass (except Vigil Mass)

St. Mary's Half an hour before weekday Mass (except Vigil Mass)


Please pray for those who are sick or housebound in our Parishes.
Fr David Tanner, Fr Joe Burton, Fr Pat McKenna, Brian Copeman, Harry & Nita Lax, Jenny Gray, Liz Ward, Craig Miller, Mary Anderson, Mary Brightwell, Molly Baines, Mary Connaughton, Tom Brennan, Tracey Rankin, Winnie Bilton, Alan Rhys-Evans, Pat Fletcher, Kyna Richardson, Irene Bowater, Kaya Isli, Eugene Bell, Thomas Russell, Gladys Thompson, Moira Waugh, Joe Porter, Kathleen Hartis, Nathan Pearce, Jim and Margaret Smith.

Please pray for diocesan Priests whose anniversaries occur this week:
Fr Michael Henry, Fr Thomas Laidler, Bishop James Cunningham, Fr David Head, Fr William Bennett, Fr Alan Clarke and Fr Dermot O’Connor.
Animated Praying Hands